Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dorm Fever

How on earth did it snow that much?

Forget cabin fever. I moved much beyond that. I started to lovingly caress every item in my room, calling it "precious art." Apparently, my suitemate walked in on me whispering sweet nothings to a bar of soap, but I was too busy stoking it to notice she was there.

I based this sketch loosely off of Jane, from Sea of Shoes. I say that I "based this sketch" off of her because I failed in capturing her likeness. Really, everything in this picture was featured on her blog, and lusted after by me. 

I chose Jane because her closet is more like an art collection than many of the galleries i've visited. I wish that I hadn't been stranded with no art materials; this begs for some color. Perhaps i'll color it and add in her Demeulemeesters if i'm bored; I hardly call this finished.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful sketch! Jane is a great inspiration. And wow, that does look like a lot of snow. We're pretty lucky with the weather, it was almost 60 degrees today. Pretty good for February in Idaho!